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my purple heart
Hi, this is my sexy purple lingerie, well I hope you think it's sexy...I posed for a So Cal sports model shoot, I don't know why a lingerie is used, it is definitely soft and satiny, very fine lace, my stats, 5'9 134 lb, 36DD,26,37 Howbeit, the lavender color bra is a 36C, a bit smaller for me, I hope you'll overlook that, the panties are medium, I'll try to post a couple of more pics, there's only one set, I'll write your message inside of the top or bottom if you are the winning bidder. Just email me what do you want me to write or draw, pretty good at doodling.

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Gin's secret video Pt 1 /gonzo
XXX Different clip than the one offered at my Home page. A two part video which I call...the night almost should have never happened. a rude awakening in my sleep, an ex boyfriend showed up unannounced at midnight, I was out like a light, from too much heat exhaustion earlier that day, I was groggy at first and had no time to react....part 1 you must be 18 years or older, and by clicking thru the paypal cart, you agree the video clip I'll send you will be soley for your viewing purpose, and not for resale or re posting or any other type of exhibition without Gin Fong's prior written consent, any breach of such agreement would entitle Gin in damages of 50,000 per occurrence.

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